Climate Change, Recycling, Sustainability, And Great Fashion

Climate Change, Recycling, Sustainability, And Great Fashion

Climate Change is Affecting us All

We hear about it. Politician and scientist often talk about it in the news. But what is climate change? According to What Is Climate Change? | NASA Climate change is an adjustment in the usual weather found in a place. It is also a difference in Earth's climate which takes hundreds or even millions of years to change.

What causes Climate change? Some things are beyond our control, such as our placement in the universe especially related to the sun. Some things people do affect climate as well, such as driving, cooking, and heating or cooling our homes. The energy we use impacts the atmosphere and the climate.

Earth is warming up. Droughts are becoming more and more common. Ice caps are melting. In cities around the world water has to be limited. Animals are being affected, such as Polar Bears.

Recycling Can Help

There are some simple steps we can take to help the issues related to climate change. Recycling is one great opportunity which we can take advantage of. According to Recycling and Climate Change | Environmental Center | University of Colorado Boulder; recycling helps in 2 ways.

Recycling reduces how much raw materials are being used. It also cuts the amount of waste going into landfills. Recycling is easy to do.

Sustainability is Vital to Our Future

What is sustainability? According to the Webster's New World Dictionary to sustain is to keep in existence, to maintain or prolong. We want to keep the earth in good shape, to care for and even to improve it. Our energy is draining it. But we can make changes.

The Bargain Corner wants to help. You can donate your old clothes and household linens such as blankets, curtains and more. If the item is still in good condition, we might sell it at a reduced price on our website. Or, if it is damaged, we will give you a credit for it and either donate it to a charity that can use it or recycle it and sell the resulting product. If we sell it, we try to donate as much as 10% to a charity.

Enjoy Great Fashion

The Bargain Corner at The Bargain Corner | GIVE - RECEIVE - SHOP NEW - REPEAT allows you to enjoy great fashion at good prices while helping climate change. That's 3 great pluses in one shopping trip! You can give your old clothes. We will pay you for them. Then you can shop for new or gently used clothes on our website.


Take a positive step into the future and try recycling! It's an easy thing to do. Start by checking out the Bargain Corner at

There's a great variety of products available. Go through your wardrobe and textiles to see what you want to discard. Contact the Bargain Corner. Give us your items. Get paid for them. Buy something new and exciting!

This is fun and a great opportunity at the same time. Hope you enjoy this experience!


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