Fun and Sustainably-Conscious Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make!

Fun and Sustainably-Conscious Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make!


Have we got your attention? You see, it’s that time of the year again and you are probably wondering what to wear for Halloween. We get it! There is so much pressure to have the perfect costume and if you’re anything like us (or any other conscious individual), you probably cringe at the thought of being something overtly sexist, racist or exploitative in any way. So here’s our solution: why not ditch the store-bought costumes and go with a DIY one instead? It might seem counterintuitive, but trust us – there are plenty of fun and sustainable ideas out there for a eco-friendly Halloween outfit that won’t leave you feeling like an eco-scary monster. From quirky fruit characters to cute woodland friends, we’ve got lots of ideas for you – all made from natural materials!

A DIY Guide to a Fun and Conscious Halloween

Before you even think about what costume to wear, there are a few things you can do to make sure your Halloween celebrations are eco-friendly! We’ve put together a few tips to help you go green for Halloween and make it a fun, sustainable and conscious occasion for everyone involved: - Make your own decorations - Plastic pumpkins, paper chains and novelty black spider webs are pretty ubiquitous at this time of year. Not only are they often made from materials that are not eco-friendly, but they also take a lot of energy and resources to manufacture. Instead, why not make your own decorations out of natural materials? You can either buy bulk materials or use what you have at home! We’ve got lots of ideas for natural decorations on our blog - here are a few of our favourites. - Skip the trick-or-treating and host a party instead! - This one might be a bold move, but with Halloween being the second most commercially celebrated holiday in the U.S. after Christmas, it’s a bold move that might just save you a lot of (bad) feelings in the long run. By skipping trick-or-treating and hosting a party, you can make your own costumes, decorations and food more eco-friendly and reduce the environmental impact of your Halloween party. At the same time, you can also invite your neighbours to your party – creating an inclusive, positive space for everyone to enjoy their Halloween.


8 Fun, Conscious and Eco-Friendly Costume Ideas!

Now it’s time to talk costume ideas! Whether you’re looking to go solo or you want to double up, we’ve got 8 ideas for fun and eco-friendly costumes that you can make at home. If you want to add your own creative twist to any of these, feel free! Remember: there are no rules in Halloween! - The Eco-Friendly Panda - This one is perfect if you and your bestie are wanting to go as a pair! To make an eco-friendly panda costume, all you need are some black pants, a white t-shirt, some black pom-poms and a bamboo hat. Panda costumes are always a bit tricky, as pandas are an endangered species. To make an ethically-sound panda costume, choose black and white fabrics that are made from recycled materials and hand-stitched the panda’s face on your t-shirt with pom-poms for eyes – ensuring that the thread is synthetic. - The Eco-Friendly Koala - Koalas are a species that are currently threatened, so if you want to make an eco-friendly koala costume, you should try to avoid using real fur. Instead, you can make a koala costume out of eco-friendly fabrics and wear a faux fur headband. To keep your costume ethically sound, choose fabrics that are made from recycled materials and avoid faux fur if possible. Koalas are also an Australian species, so consider adding a local twist by making your costume out of Australian fabrics and decorations. You can also add a leaf crown or wear a friendship bracelet.


Eco-Friendly Animals

Animals are the perfect costume choice for any conscious individual. Not only are they a tried and tested outfit idea, but they allow you to use your own creativity and incorporate your own style, as well as your own materials. From pandas to bears, we’ve got plenty of ideas for animal costumes you can make on your own: - The Eco-Friendly Panda - Pandas are one of the most eco-friendly animals out there – and their costumes are super simple to make! To make a panda costume, you need a black t-shirt, a white t-shirt, black pants and a bamboo hat – either made out of fabric or real bamboo. If you want to wear your panda costume in public, make sure to wear black or white socks and shoes to keep the aesthetic consistent. - The Eco-Friendly Bear - Bears are another animal that many people go as on Halloween. If you want to go as an eco-friendly bear, make sure to go for a black bear or a brown bear costume, rather than a polar bear costume. To make your bear costume, you need a black t-shirt, black jeans and a furry hood. The best thing about going as a black bear is that you can wear your costume all year round!


Eco-Friendly Fruity Characters

Fruit is a great eco-friendly costume idea for anyone – and you don’t even have to commit to being a single fruit! If you’re looking for a fun and playful costume that is both sustainable and eco-friendly, these fruity costumes are just the trick. Whether you’re dressing up as a single fruit or going with a fruit-themed couple costume, these costumes are easy to make and have very minimal impact on the environment. - The Eco-Friendly Strawberry - Strawberries are one of the most ethically-sound fruits to go as on Halloween – they don’t use any harmful chemicals and they are grown organically! So if you want to dress up as an eco-friendly strawberry, you can make your costume super easily. To make a strawberry costume, you need a red top, a green top, white knee-high socks and a headband. You can also add some leaves to your costume with a necklace or a friendship bracelet. - The Eco-Friendly Pear - Pears are another ethically-sound fruit that you can go as on Halloween. To make a pear costume, you need a yellow top, a green skirt, a black belt and a headband. You can also add a necklace or a friendship bracelet to your costume.


Eco-Friendly Forest Friends

If you’re looking for a more classic costume that is also sustainable, Forest Friends is the perfect choice. These costumes are super easy to make and can be adjusted to fit different sizes and body shapes. You can choose whether you want to go as a tree, a squirrel, a rabbit or any other forest friend – just make sure you choose eco-friendly fabrics. - The Tree Costume - Trees are one of the most eco-friendly costumes out there! To make a tree costume, you need a black shirt, green tights, a headband and a scarf. If you want to go for an extra forest vibe, you can use a feather as an antenna and add a tree-themed brooch to your shirt. - The Squirrel Costume - Squirrels are some of the cutest forest friends out there. If you want to go as an eco-friendly squirrel, you can make your costume with brown fabrics and a cute little red tail. To make a squirrel costume, you need a brown shirt, a red skirt, a tail and a leafy headband. You can also go for a squirrel and acorn-themed costume by using a brown fabric as your shirt and a piece of fabric with an acorn print as your skirt.



Whatever costume you decide to wear this Halloween, we hope we've inspired you to make it yourself and go conscious. These costumes are not only fun, but they are also eco-friendly and sustainable. So if you want to avoid putting more harmful chemicals into the environment and make your own costume, these ideas are perfect for you! And remember, you don't have to be an expert crafter to make your own costume. With a few easy steps, you can create your own unique outfit that is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

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