Made To Measure And Sustainable Fashion

Made To Measure And Sustainable Fashion

# Made To Measure And Sustainable Fashion

At the Bargain Corner, we believe in producing stylish, sustainable garments that are both comfortable and ethical. Our ethos is based on our belief that fashion can be a powerful tool for social change.  To do this, we use sustainable production processes and materials.

There is a growing trend for fashion to be more environmentally conscious, with many designers and brands offering sustainable solutions and made-to-measure clothing. This type of fashion is often referred to as ‘conscious fashion’ and often features environmentally-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton. Many of the leading conscious fashion brands are based in Europe, such as Loomstate and Beams + Arrows, while others, such as Sustain and Wildfibre, are global in scope. Bespoke, designer labels and exclusive tailoring are all features of high-end conscious fashion.

Contract manufacturing is also becoming more popular among conscious fashion brands, as it allows them to produce large quantities of garments without having to deal with the high costs and long lead times associated with traditional manufacturing. Haute couture is the pinnacle of conscious fashion and is often associated with luxury brands, this is what we do with a more accessible price tag ❣️

 What Bargain Corner is about:

(1) we recycle the outfit you have worn and bought from us;

(2) we produce only made to measure pieces. All of our garment require at least 10 days to be shipped.

As such, you have to order your New Year Eve dress and outfit now!!!!!!

Make the world a better place and #buysustainable.

💚🌱The Bargain Corner Team 💚🌱

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