The Sustainable Project

Fast Fashion does not need to be synonym of Waste. Give us your old clothes and old used purchases back and we will pay you for this.
The Bargain Corner has the mission to achieve sustainable development through recycling. Two ways, one unique mission "fashion for a purpose"
  1. the item is in good condition sell it at a reduced price on our website;
  2. the item is damaged, send it to us for recycling and get credit on our store from 0.5 to £2 per item sent. You will be paid in the form of a coupon usable on all our products on our website for an unlimited period of time!

We all have clothes, or textiles such as curtains, duvet covers and blankets that you don’t want any more or are past their best or even season.

For clothes still in good condition, we donate them to charities on your behalf but, if the items are too old or worn out to pass on to someone else, we recycled and turned into new items as much as possible donating 10% of the profit to a charity. 

Interested? Fill the form below and a member of our team with be in touch. 
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